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Gene : AGO7 A. thaliana

Gene ID  ? AT1G69440
Brief Description  Argonaute family protein  Source: Araport11 (06/2016).
Is Obsolete?  false
Computational Description  ? ARGONAUTE7 (AGO7); FUNCTIONS IN: nucleic acid binding; INVOLVED IN: production of ta-siRNAs involved in RNA interference, vegetative phase change, production of lsiRNA involved in RNA interference, regulation of development, heterochronic, gene silencing by miRNA; LOCATED IN: cellular_component unknown; EXPRESSED IN: 18 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 11 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Domain of unknown function DUF1785 (InterPro:IPR014811), Stem cell self-renewal protein Piwi (InterPro:IPR003165), Argonaute/Dicer protein, PAZ (InterPro:IPR003100), Polynucleotidyl transferase, ribonuclease H fold (InterPro:IPR012337); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: Stabilizer of iron transporter SufD / Polynucleotidyl transferase (TAIR:AT1G48410.1).  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
Curator Summary  ? Encodes ARGONAUTE7, a member of the ARGONAUTE family, characterised by the presence of PAZ and PIWI domains. Involved in the regulation of developmental timing. Required for the accumulation of TAS3 ta-siRNAs but not for accumulation of miR171, miR173, miR390 or mi391. Localized in mature rosette leaves and floral buds.  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
  • synonyms:
  • ZIPPY,
  • ZIP

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6 GeneRIFs (Gene References Into Functions)

Data Source: NCBI

Annotation PubMed Id
RDR6, SGS3 and AGO7 act in the same pathway, which genetically interacts with the AS1-AS2 pathway for leaf development. 16699177
Study shows that miR390-ARGONAUTE7 complexes function in distinct cleavage or noncleavage modes at two target sites in TAS3a transcripts. 18342362
AGO1 and AGO7 function to ensure efficient clearance of viral RNAs and establish that AGO1 is capable of targeting viral RNAs with more compact structures, whereas AGO7 and RDR6 favor less structured RNA targets 18799732
It was shown that AGO7 is needed in the cytoplasm and membranous siRNA bodies for the processing of the TAS3 precursor, showing a hitherto unknown role for membrane-associated ribonucleoparticles in trans-acting-siRNA biogenesis and AGO action in plants. 22327216
Complementation analyses in ago mutant plants revealed that the catalytic residues of AGO1, AGO2, and AGO7 are required to restore the defects of Arabidopsis ago1-25, ago2-1, and zip-1 (AGO7-defective) mutants, respectively. 23023169
Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE7 selects microRNA390 through multiple checkpoints during RISC assembly. 23732541


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12 Flanking Regions

Flank size: from most upstream transcription start site, or most downstream transcription stop site

Region Name Flank Size Direction Length Gene Included? Chromosome Location
AT1G69440 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 4422   true Chr1: 26101407-26105828
AT1G69440 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 500   false Chr1: 26105329-26105828
AT1G69440 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 4422   true Chr1: 26100907-26105328
AT1G69440 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 500   false Chr1: 26100907-26101406
AT1G69440 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 4922   true Chr1: 26101407-26106328
AT1G69440 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 1000   false Chr1: 26105329-26106328
AT1G69440 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 4922   true Chr1: 26100407-26105328
AT1G69440 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 1000   false Chr1: 26100407-26101406
AT1G69440 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 6922   true Chr1: 26101407-26108328
AT1G69440 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 3000   false Chr1: 26105329-26108328
AT1G69440 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 6922   true Chr1: 26098407-26105328
AT1G69440 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 3000   false Chr1: 26098407-26101406


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9 Data Sets

Name Description Version
BAR Annotations Lookup Mapping(s) between AGI locus and Affy Probeset identifier 10/08/2013
Genome Annotation Araport11 protein-coding, non-coding and transposable element genes Araport11 (06/2016)
RNA-seq expression Measure of gene expression levels (Transcripts per Million, TPM) quantified by Salmon Araport11 (06/2016)
PubMed to gene mapping Curated associations between publications and NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
GO Annotation from UniProt GO annotations assigned by UniProt 8/01/2016
PO Annotation from TAIR Literature-based annotations of genes to Plant Ontology (PO) terms 06/30/2015
Swiss-Prot data set High-quality, manually annotated, non-redundant protein sequence database 2016_07
Panther data set PANTHER paralogs from Arabidopsis 11.0
GeneRIF Concise phrase describing gene function and publication associated with NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016