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Gene : SYD A. thaliana

Gene ID  ? AT2G28290
Brief Description  P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases superfamily protein  Source: Araport11 (06/2016).
Is Obsolete?  false
Computational Description  ? SPLAYED (SYD); CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: DEAD-like helicase, N-terminal (InterPro:IPR014001), DNA/RNA helicase, C-terminal (InterPro:IPR001650), Helicase/SANT-associated, DNA binding (InterPro:IPR014012), Helicase, superfamily 1/2, ATP-binding domain (InterPro:IPR014021), SNF2-related (InterPro:IPR000330); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: Homeotic gene regulator (TAIR:AT3G06010.1).  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
Curator Summary  ? Encodes a SWI2/SNF2-like protein in the SNF2 subclass. Homozygous plants with null mutations exhibit premature termination of the meristem and carpelloid structures from the inflorescence meristem. Co-activator of floral homeotic gene expression. Acts with LFY to regulate shoot apical meristem identity. Required for meristem maintenance. Regulates flowering under a non-inductive photoperiod. It promotes the expression of CUC2 during cotyledon boundary formation. Affects reproductive shoot apical meristem function by regulating the expression of WUS. In CHiP experiments SYD binds to WUS promoter. Present as two forms in the nucleus, full-length and truncated, with the latter apparently lacking the C-terminal domain. The ratio of the two forms differs in juvenile and in adult tissues. The C-terminal domain is not required for activity.  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
  • synonyms:
  • CHR3

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6 GeneRIFs (Gene References Into Functions)

Data Source: NCBI

Annotation PubMed Id
SYD is recruited to the WUS promoter and is involved in regulation of the stem cell pool maintenance via direct transcriptional control of this master regulator. 15833920
The N-terminal ATPase AT-hook-containing region of the SYD protein is responsible for its biological activity. 16640604
Results describe overlapping functions for the two SWI/SNF ATPases, SPLAYED and BRAHMA, and indicate that these proteins exhibit remarkable regulatory specificity. 17293567
study found that the chromatin remodeling protein, SPLAYED, is required for gene expression within specific biotic stress signaling networks 19079584
The SWI2/SNF2 chromatin-remodeling ATPases SPLAYED (SYD) and BRAHMA (BRM) are redundantly required for flower patterning and for the activation of AP3 and AG. 22323601
SYD plays a subtle, specific role in the regulation of SNC1 expression and SNC1-mediated immunity. SYD may work with other proteins at the chromatin level to repress SNC1 transcription. 26063389


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12 Flanking Regions

Flank size: from most upstream transcription start site, or most downstream transcription stop site

Region Name Flank Size Direction Length Gene Included? Chromosome Location
AT2G28290 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 17567   true Chr2: 12055713-12073279
AT2G28290 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 500   false Chr2: 12055713-12056212
AT2G28290 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 17567   true Chr2: 12056213-12073779
AT2G28290 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 500   false Chr2: 12073280-12073779
AT2G28290 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 18067   true Chr2: 12055213-12073279
AT2G28290 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 1000   false Chr2: 12055213-12056212
AT2G28290 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 18067   true Chr2: 12056213-12074279
AT2G28290 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 1000   false Chr2: 12073280-12074279
AT2G28290 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 20067   true Chr2: 12053213-12073279
AT2G28290 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 3000   false Chr2: 12053213-12056212
AT2G28290 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 20067   true Chr2: 12056213-12076279
AT2G28290 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 3000   false Chr2: 12073280-12076279


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10 Data Sets

Name Description Version
BAR Annotations Lookup Mapping(s) between AGI locus and Affy Probeset identifier 10/08/2013
Genome Annotation Araport11 protein-coding, non-coding and transposable element genes Araport11 (06/2016)
RNA-seq expression Measure of gene expression levels (Transcripts per Million, TPM) quantified by Salmon Araport11 (06/2016)
PubMed to gene mapping Curated associations between publications and NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
GO Annotation from UniProt GO annotations assigned by UniProt 8/01/2016
PO Annotation from TAIR Literature-based annotations of genes to Plant Ontology (PO) terms 06/30/2015
Swiss-Prot data set High-quality, manually annotated, non-redundant protein sequence database 2016_07
Panther data set PANTHER paralogs from Arabidopsis 11.0
GeneRIF Concise phrase describing gene function and publication associated with NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
BioGRID interaction data set Curated set of genetic and physical interactions for Arabidopsis thaliana 3.4.139