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Gene : LFY A. thaliana

Gene ID  ? AT5G61850
Brief Description  floral meristem identity control protein LEAFY (LFY)  Source: Araport11 (06/2016).
Is Obsolete?  false
Computational Description  ? LEAFY (LFY); CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Floricaula/leafy protein (InterPro:IPR002910).  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
Curator Summary  ? Encodes transcriptional regulator that promotes the transition to flowering.Involved in floral meristem development. LFY is involved in the regulation of AP3 expression, and appears to bring the F-box protein UFO to the AP3 promoter. Amino acids 46-120 define a protein domain that mediates self-interaction.  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
Name  ? LEAFY
  • synonyms:
  • LEAFY 3,
  • LFY3

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23 GeneRIFs (Gene References Into Functions)

Data Source: NCBI

Annotation PubMed Id
LEAFY activates the expression of floral organ identity genes APETALA3, AGAMOUS and APETALA1 9783581
FT regulates SOC1 expression, and SOC1 regulates LFY expression 15695467
The transcription factor LFY controls the switch from vegetative to reproductive development. 16554366
Mustard plsnt LcrLFY has diverged from A. thaliana in both the cis-regulatory and protein-coding regions which contribute to the evolution of rossette flowering. 16915521
GA(4) is the active GA in the regulation of LFY transcription and Arabidopsis flowering time under short-day conditions. 16920780
Activation of the LFY transcriptrion factor is required. 18287201
Interaction with AGL24 relocates SOC1 to the nucleus, where SOC1 regulates leafy expression by binding to the LFY promoter. 18466303
Results report crystal structures for the DNA-binding domain of Arabidopsis thaliana LEAFY bound to two target promoter elements. 18784751
LFY and AGL15 are involved in the regulation of AtMYB17 in early inflorescence development and seed germination. 19232308
Data show that LEAFY, FRUITFULL, and APETALA1 are directly activated by the microRNA-targeted transcription factor SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE 3 (SPL3) to control the timing of flower formation. 19686687
The motif analyses reveal a possible mechanism for stage-specific LFY recruitment and suggest a role for LFY in overcoming polycomb repression. 21497757
A biophysical model describing LFY DNA binding specificity in vitro was built that accurately predicts in vivo LFY binding sites in the Arabidopsis thaliana genome. 21515819
LEAFY binding site is essential for proper photoperiodic activation of APETALA1 21623976
Data show that the direct LEAFY target LATE MERISTEM IDENTITY2 (LMI2) has a role in the meristem identity transition, and acts together with LEAFY to activate APETALA1. 21750030
LFY activity affects adaxial pedicel identity and cell elongation. LFY mutation suppresses the crm1 pedicel length and orientation phenotypes. 22050454
The SWI2/SNF2 ATPases physically interact with two direct transcriptional activators of class B and class C gene expression, LEAFY (LFY) and SEPALLATA3 (SEP3). 22323601
Studies indicate that LEAFY is a master regulator of flowering. 22451042
must act in complexes that contain at least two LFY molecules; the N-terminus is essential for stabilization 22507399
these three transcription factors LFY, ANT and AIL6/PLT3 are redundantly required for flower primordium initiation. 23375585
A LFY allele with reduced floral function revealed its ability to stimulate axillary meristem growth. This role requires the ability of LFY to bind DNA, and is mediated by direct induction of REGULATOR OF AXILLARY MERISTEMS1 (RAX1) by LFY. 23445516
LEAFY controls auxin response pathways in floral primordium formation. 23572147
The ULT1 and LFY pathways act separately in regulating identity and determinacy at the floral meristem. In particular, they independently induce AG expression in the centre of the flower to terminate meristem activity. 25288633
Data suggest that helix-turn-helix transcription factor LEAFY (LFY) and the MADS box transcription factor APETALA1 (AP1)together orchestrate the switch to flower formation and morphogenesis by altering transcriptional programs. 26096587


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12 Flanking Regions

Flank size: from most upstream transcription start site, or most downstream transcription stop site

Region Name Flank Size Direction Length Gene Included? Chromosome Location
AT5G61850 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 3242   true Chr5: 24843748-24846989
AT5G61850 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 500   false Chr5: 24843748-24844247
AT5G61850 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 3242   true Chr5: 24844248-24847489
AT5G61850 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 500   false Chr5: 24846990-24847489
AT5G61850 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 3742   true Chr5: 24843248-24846989
AT5G61850 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 1000   false Chr5: 24843248-24844247
AT5G61850 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 3742   true Chr5: 24844248-24847989
AT5G61850 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 1000   false Chr5: 24846990-24847989
AT5G61850 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 5742   true Chr5: 24841248-24846989
AT5G61850 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 3000   false Chr5: 24841248-24844247
AT5G61850 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 5742   true Chr5: 24844248-24849989
AT5G61850 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 3000   false Chr5: 24846990-24849989


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10 Data Sets

Name Description Version
BAR Annotations Lookup Mapping(s) between AGI locus and Affy Probeset identifier 10/08/2013
Genome Annotation Araport11 protein-coding, non-coding and transposable element genes Araport11 (06/2016)
RNA-seq expression Measure of gene expression levels (Transcripts per Million, TPM) quantified by Salmon Araport11 (06/2016)
PubMed to gene mapping Curated associations between publications and NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
GO Annotation from TAIR GO annotations assigned by TAIR 8/01/2016
PO Annotation from TAIR Literature-based annotations of genes to Plant Ontology (PO) terms 06/30/2015
Swiss-Prot data set High-quality, manually annotated, non-redundant protein sequence database 2016_07
GeneRIF Concise phrase describing gene function and publication associated with NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
IntAct interactions data set Curated binary and complex protein-protein interactions for Arabidopsis thaliana 8/02/2016
BioGRID interaction data set Curated set of genetic and physical interactions for Arabidopsis thaliana 3.4.139