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Publication : Functional interaction of Puralpha with the Cdk2 moiety of cyclin A/Cdk2.

First Author  Liu H Year  2005
Journal  Biochem Biophys Res Commun Volume  328
Pages  851-7 PubMed ID  15707957
Issue  4

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1 Bio Entities

DB identifier Name Short Name Type Description
IPR030501 Purine-rich element-binding protein gamma PURgamma Family PURgamma belongs to the purine-rich element binding (PUR) protein family, which consists of PURalpha, PURbeta and PURgamma. Purgamma colocalises with Cdk2 to a specific DNA segment upstream of the c-MYC gene []. It also has been detected upstream of the gene encoding the Werner syndrome helicase, Wrn, at human chromosome band 8p11-12 [].

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