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GeneRIF (Gene Reference into Function) :

Annotation  Data show that AtGA3ox1 is directly regulated by DAG1, and suggest that DAG1 is not a direct regulatory target of PIL5. Organism  A. thaliana
Gene  DAG1 PubMed Id  19874540
last updated  Sun May 30 19:00:00 CDT 2010

1 Gene

Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete?
AT3G61850 DAG1 Dof-type zinc finger DNA-binding family protein false

1 Organism

Name Taxon Id
Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

1 Publication

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Gabriele S The Dof protein DAG1 mediates PIL5 activity on seed germination by negatively regulating GA biosynthetic gene AtGA3ox1. 2010 Plant J 61 312-23 19874540