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GeneRIF (Gene Reference into Function) :

Annotation  The induction of defence responses and disease resistance to X. campestris pv. campestris strain 8004 requires NDR1 , RAR1 and SGT1b, suggesting that effector-triggered immunity plays a large role in resistance to this strain. Organism  A. thaliana
Gene  SGT1B PubMed Id  21029323
last updated  Fri Feb 25 18:00:00 CST 2011

1 Gene

Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete?
AT4G11260 SGT1B phosphatase-like protein false

1 Organism

Name Taxon Id
Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

1 Publication

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Rong W Effector-triggered innate immunity contributes Arabidopsis resistance to Xanthomonas campestris. 2010 Mol Plant Pathol 11 783-93 21029323