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Name  Yang S

65 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Yang S AtACDO1, an ABC1-like kinase gene, is involved in chlorophyll degradation and the response to photooxidative stress in Arabidopsis. 2012 J Exp Bot 63 3959-73 22447966
Yang S The BON/CPN gene family represses cell death and promotes cell growth in Arabidopsis. 2006 Plant J 45 166-79 16367962
Liu X PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR3 associates with the histone deacetylase HDA15 in repression of chlorophyll biosynthesis and photosynthesis in etiolated Arabidopsis seedlings. 2013 Plant Cell 25 1258-73 23548744
Paik I Phytochrome regulates translation of mRNA in the cytosol. 2012 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109 1335-40 22232680
Huang L The Arabidopsis SUMO E3 ligase AtMMS21, a homologue of NSE2/MMS21, regulates cell proliferation in the root. 2009 Plant J 60 666-78 19682286
Yang S Genome-wide investigation on the genetic variations of rice disease resistance genes. 2006 Plant Mol Biol 62 181-93 16915523
Wang Y A missense mutation in CHS1, a TIR-NB protein, induces chilling sensitivity in Arabidopsis. 2013 Plant J 75 553-65 23651299
Shi Y Ethylene signaling negatively regulates freezing tolerance by repressing expression of CBF and type-A ARR genes in Arabidopsis. 2012 Plant Cell 24 2578-95 22706288
Chai MF NADK3, a novel cytoplasmic source of NADPH, is required under conditions of oxidative stress and modulates abscisic acid responses in Arabidopsis. 2006 Plant J 47 665-74 16856986
Yang S The Arabidopsis SWI2/SNF2 Chromatin Remodeling ATPase BRAHMA Targets Directly to PINs and Is Required for Root Stem Cell Niche Maintenance. 2015 Plant Cell 27 1670-80 25991732
Zhao M Arabidopsis BREVIPEDICELLUS interacts with the SWI2/SNF2 chromatin remodeling ATPase BRAHMA to regulate KNAT2 and KNAT6 expression in control of inflorescence architecture. 2015 PLoS Genet 11 e1005125 25822547
Li J Paraquat Resistant1, a Golgi-localized putative transporter protein, is involved in intracellular transport of paraquat. 2013 Plant Physiol 162 470-83 23471133
Song S Interaction between MYC2 and ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3 modulates antagonism between jasmonate and ethylene signaling in Arabidopsis. 2014 Plant Cell 26 263-79 24399301
Jiang Y Arabidopsis WRKY57 functions as a node of convergence for jasmonic acid- and auxin-mediated signaling in jasmonic acid-induced leaf senescence. 2014 Plant Cell 26 230-45 24424094
Yang S The endosperm-specific ZHOUPI gene of Arabidopsis thaliana regulates endosperm breakdown and embryonic epidermal development. 2008 Development 135 3501-9 18849529
Zhao M Arabidopsis histone demethylases LDL1 and LDL2 control primary seed dormancy by regulating DELAY OF GERMINATION 1 and ABA signaling-related genes. 2015 Front Plant Sci 6 159 25852712
Huang X A novel chloroplast-localized protein EMB1303 is required for chloroplast development in Arabidopsis. 2009 Cell Res 19 1205-16 19581937
Yang S Investigation of cytokinin-deficient phenotypes in Arabidopsis by ectopic expression of orchid DSCKX1. 2003 FEBS Lett 555 291-6 14644430
Duan Y PtrWRKY73, a salicylic acid-inducible poplar WRKY transcription factor, is involved in disease resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2015 Plant Cell Rep 34 831-41 25627252
Yang H A mutant CHS3 protein with TIR-NB-LRR-LIM domains modulates growth, cell death and freezing tolerance in a temperature-dependent manner in Arabidopsis. 2010 Plant J 63 283-96 20444230
Huang X A gain-of-function mutation in the Arabidopsis disease resistance gene RPP4 confers sensitivity to low temperature. 2010 Plant Physiol 154 796-809 20699401
Li Y The TIR-NB-LRR gene SNC1 is regulated at the transcript level by multiple factors. 2007 Mol Plant Microbe Interact 20 1449-56 17977156
Chi Y An APETALA1-like gene of soybean regulates flowering time and specifies floral organs. 2011 J Plant Physiol 168 2251-9 21963279
Gou M An F-box gene, CPR30, functions as a negative regulator of the defense response in Arabidopsis. 2009 Plant J 60 757-70 19682297
Luo M Regulation of flowering time by the histone deacetylase HDA5 in Arabidopsis. 2015 Plant J 82 925-36 25922987
Huang X The Arabidopsis LSD1 gene plays an important role in the regulation of low temperature-dependent cell death. 2010 New Phytol 187 301-12 20456049
Li C The Arabidopsis SWI2/SNF2 chromatin Remodeler BRAHMA regulates polycomb function during vegetative development and directly activates the flowering repressor gene SVP. 2015 PLoS Genet 11 e1004944 25615622
Eremina M ENO2 activity is required for the development and reproductive success of plants, and is feedback-repressed by AtMBP-1. 2015 Plant J 81 895-906 25620024
Ding Y OST1 kinase modulates freezing tolerance by enhancing ICE1 stability in Arabidopsis. 2015 Dev Cell 32 278-89 25669882
Yang H The Arabidopsis BAP1 and BAP2 genes are general inhibitors of programmed cell death. 2007 Plant Physiol 145 135-46 17631528