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Name  Zhang J

225 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Li Y Identification of microRNAs involved in pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered plant innate immunity. 2010 Plant Physiol 152 2222-31 20164210
Wang J Overexpression of Osta-siR2141 caused abnormal polarity establishment and retarded growth in rice. 2010 J Exp Bot 61 1885-95 20080824
Mu J LEAFY COTYLEDON1 is a key regulator of fatty acid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. 2008 Plant Physiol 148 1042-54 18689444
Yang Y The Arabidopsis Mediator subunit MED16 regulates iron homeostasis by associating with EIN3/EIL1 through subunit MED25. 2014 Plant J 77 838-51 24456400
Sun J Decrease in leaf sucrose synthesis leads to increased leaf starch turnover and decreased RuBP regeneration-limited photosynthesis but not Rubisco-limited photosynthesis in Arabidopsis null mutants of SPSA1. 2011 Plant Cell Environ 34 592-604 21309792
Delaney KJ Calmodulin interacts with and regulates the RNA-binding activity of an Arabidopsis polyadenylation factor subunit. 2006 Plant Physiol 140 1507-21 16500995
Jia L Class III peroxidases are activated in proanthocyanidin-deficient Arabidopsis thaliana seeds. 2013 Ann Bot 111 839-47 23448691
Zhang J A polyadenylation factor subunit implicated in regulating oxidative signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2008 PLoS One 3 e2410 18545667
Zhou Y MORPHEUS' MOLECULE1 is required to prevent aberrant RNA transcriptional read-through in Arabidopsis. 2010 Plant Physiol 154 1272-80 20826701
Xing Y MKK5 regulates high light-induced gene expression of Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase 1 and 2 in Arabidopsis. 2013 Plant Cell Physiol 54 1217-27 23677921
Feng H Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A-2 that plays a crucial role in plant growth and development by regulating cell division, cell growth, and cell death. 2007 Plant Physiol 144 1531-45 17513484
Zhang J Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinases integrate signaling from multiple plant immune receptors and are targeted by a Pseudomonas syringae effector. 2010 Cell Host Microbe 7 290-301 20413097
Zhang Z Disruption of PAMP-induced MAP kinase cascade by a Pseudomonas syringae effector activates plant immunity mediated by the NB-LRR protein SUMM2. 2012 Cell Host Microbe 11 253-63 22423965
Kleine-Vehn J PIN auxin efflux carrier polarity is regulated by PINOID kinase-mediated recruitment into GNOM-independent trafficking in Arabidopsis. 2009 Plant Cell 21 3839-49 20040538
Gao F Cloning of an H+-PPase gene from Thellungiella halophila and its heterologous expression to improve tobacco salt tolerance. 2006 J Exp Bot 57 3259-70 16940040
Tao Q The TIE1 transcriptional repressor links TCP transcription factors with TOPLESS/TOPLESS-RELATED corepressors and modulates leaf development in Arabidopsis. 2013 Plant Cell 25 421-37 23444332
Wei B The molecular mechanism of sporocyteless/nozzle in controlling Arabidopsis ovule development. 2015 Cell Res 25 121-34 25378179
Yue Y Overexpression of the AtLOS5 gene increased abscisic acid level and drought tolerance in transgenic cotton. 2012 J Exp Bot 63 3741-8 22412184
Lu Y Overexpression of Arabidopsis molybdenum cofactor sulfurase gene confers drought tolerance in maize (Zea mays L.). 2013 PLoS One 8 e52126 23326325
Li Y Expression of an Arabidopsis molybdenum cofactor sulphurase gene in soybean enhances drought tolerance and increases yield under field conditions. 2013 Plant Biotechnol J 11 747-58 23581509
Yue Y Arabidopsis LOS5/ABA3 overexpression in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi-nc) results in enhanced drought tolerance. 2011 Plant Sci 181 405-11 21889046
Turk EM BAS1 and SOB7 act redundantly to modulate Arabidopsis photomorphogenesis via unique brassinosteroid inactivation mechanisms. 2005 Plant J 42 23-34 15773851
Hazak O A rho scaffold integrates the secretory system with feedback mechanisms in regulation of auxin distribution. 2010 PLoS Biol 8 e1000282 20098722
Ren B Genome-wide comparative analysis of type-A Arabidopsis response regulator genes by overexpression studies reveals their diverse roles and regulatory mechanisms in cytokinin signaling. 2009 Cell Res 19 1178-90 19621034
Zhang J [Study of hrpN(CSDS001) and the gene expression profile of Arabidopsis thaliana induced by Harpin(CSDS001)]. 2007 Yi Chuan 29 629-36 17548335
Kang S The Arabidopsis transcription factor BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE1-ETHYL METHANESULFONATE-SUPPRESSOR1 is a direct substrate of MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASE6 and regulates immunity. 2015 Plant Physiol 167 1076-86 25609555
Xing Y AtMEK1 mediates stress-induced gene expression of CAT1 catalase by triggering H2O2 production in Arabidopsis. 2007 J Exp Bot 58 2969-81 17728292
Xing Y AtMKK1 mediates ABA-induced CAT1 expression and H2O2 production via AtMPK6-coupled signaling in Arabidopsis. 2008 Plant J 54 440-51 18248592
Wang P The chloroplast min system functions differentially in two specific nongreen plastids in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2013 PLoS One 8 e71190 23936263
Liu L Elevated levels of MYB30 in the phloem accelerate flowering in Arabidopsis through the regulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T. 2014 PLoS One 9 e89799 24587042