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Name  Shimada H

31 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Kanamaru K An Arabidopsis sigma factor (SIG2)-dependent expression of plastid-encoded tRNAs in chloroplasts. 2001 Plant Cell Physiol 42 1034-43 11673617
Oosawa N Identification and light-induced expression of a novel gene of NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase isoform in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2000 FEBS Lett 474 133-6 10838072
Fusada N NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase in cucumber is encoded by a single gene and its expression is transcriptionally enhanced by illumination. 2000 Photosynth Res 64 147-54 16228453
Masuda T Functional analysis of isoforms of NADPH: protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase (POR), PORB and PORC, in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2003 Plant Cell Physiol 44 963-74 14581621
Shirano Y Chloroplast development in Arabidopsis thaliana requires the nuclear-encoded transcription factor sigma B. 2000 FEBS Lett 485 178-82 11094163
Higuchi M Simple construction of plant RNAi vectors using long oligonucleotides. 2009 J Plant Res 122 477-82 19347568
Takahashi N shk1-D, a dwarf Arabidopsis mutant caused by activation of the CYP72C1 gene, has altered brassinosteroid levels. 2005 Plant J 42 13-22 15773850
Tsuchiya T Cloning of chlorophyllase, the key enzyme in chlorophyll degradation: finding of a lipase motif and the induction by methyl jasmonate. 1999 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 96 15362-7 10611389
Yanai Y Genomic organization of 251 kDa acetyl-CoA carboxylase genes in Arabidopsis: tandem gene duplication has made two differentially expressed isozymes. 1995 Plant Cell Physiol 36 779-87 7551584
Kumar S Arabidopsis mitochondrial protein TIM50 affects hypocotyl cell elongation through intracellular ATP level. 2012 Plant Sci 183 212-7 22195596
Shimada H Normalization using ploidy and genomic DNA copy number allows absolute quantification of transcripts, proteins and metabolites in cells. 2010 Plant Methods 6 29 21190547
Shimada H Inactivation and deficiency of core proteins of photosystems I and II caused by genetical phylloquinone and plastoquinone deficiency but retained lamellar structure in a T-DNA mutant of Arabidopsis. 2005 Plant J 41 627-37 15686525
Shimada H ARC3, a chloroplast division factor, is a chimera of prokaryotic FtsZ and part of eukaryotic phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase. 2004 Plant Cell Physiol 45 960-7 15356321
Matsumoto K Production of short-chain-length/medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) copolymer in the plastid of Arabidopsis thaliana using an engineered 3-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase III. 2009 Biomacromolecules 10 686-90 19265441
Kuroda H Classification and expression analysis of Arabidopsis F-box-containing protein genes. 2002 Plant Cell Physiol 43 1073-85 12407186
Awai K Two types of MGDG synthase genes, found widely in both 16:3 and 18:3 plants, differentially mediate galactolipid syntheses in photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic tissues in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2001 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98 10960-5 11553816
Narusaka Y Presence of LYM2 dependent but CERK1 independent disease resistance in Arabidopsis. 2013 Plant Signal Behav 8   23803749
Kusano H The Arabidopsis Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate 5-Kinase PIP5K3 is a key regulator of root hair tip growth. 2008 Plant Cell 20 367-80 18281506
Tsuge T Phytochrome-mediated control of COP1 gene expression in rice plants. 2001 Mol Genet Genomics 265 43-50 11370871
Takase T ydk1-D, an auxin-responsive GH3 mutant that is involved in hypocotyl and root elongation. 2004 Plant J 37 471-83 14756757
Watanabe S The purine metabolite allantoin enhances abiotic stress tolerance through synergistic activation of abscisic acid metabolism. 2014 Plant Cell Environ 37 1022-36 24182190
Muranaka A Arabidopsis cotyledon chloroplast biogenesis factor CYO1 uses glutathione as an electron donor and interacts with PSI (A1 and A2) and PSII (CP43 and CP47) subunits. 2012 J Plant Physiol 169 1212-5 22572242
Shimada H Arabidopsis cotyledon-specific chloroplast biogenesis factor CYO1 is a protein disulfide isomerase. 2007 Plant Cell 19 3157-69 17921316
Miura A Mobilization of transposons by a mutation abolishing full DNA methylation in Arabidopsis. 2001 Nature 411 212-4 11346800
Yoshizumi T An Arabidopsis cell cycle -dependent kinase-related gene, CDC2b, plays a role in regulating seedling growth in darkness. 1999 Plant Cell 11 1883-96 10521519
Hamasaki H SD3, an Arabidopsis thaliana homolog of TIM21, affects intracellular ATP levels and seedling development. 2012 Mol Plant 5 461-71 22131050
Watanabe S RNA interference-mediated suppression of xanthine dehydrogenase reveals the role of purine metabolism in drought tolerance in Arabidopsis. 2010 FEBS Lett 584 1181-6 20153325
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Tsukihara T The low-spin heme of cytochrome c oxidase as the driving element of the proton-pumping process. 2003 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 100 15304-9 14673090