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Author :

Name  Nakazawa M

21 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Fujita M Identification of stress-tolerance-related transcription-factor genes via mini-scale Full-length cDNA Over-eXpressor (FOX) gene hunting system. 2007 Biochem Biophys Res Commun 364 250-7 17937930
Zhao L Overexpression of LSH1, a member of an uncharacterised gene family, causes enhanced light regulation of seedling development. 2004 Plant J 37 694-706 14871309
Takahashi N shk1-D, a dwarf Arabidopsis mutant caused by activation of the CYP72C1 gene, has altered brassinosteroid levels. 2005 Plant J 42 13-22 15773850
Miura K ICE1 Ser403 is necessary for protein stabilization and regulation of cold signaling and tolerance. 2011 Plant J 67 269-79 21447070
Takase T DFL2, a new member of the Arabidopsis GH3 gene family, is involved in red light-specific hypocotyl elongation. 2003 Plant Cell Physiol 44 1071-80 14581632
Tsumoto Y Light-dependent polyploidy control by a CUE protein variant in Arabidopsis. 2006 Plant Mol Biol 61 817-28 16897495
Tsutsui T DEAR1, a transcriptional repressor of DREB protein that mediates plant defense and freezing stress responses in Arabidopsis. 2009 J Plant Res 122 633-43 19618250
Kondou Y RETARDED GROWTH OF EMBRYO1, a new basic helix-loop-helix protein, expresses in endosperm to control embryo growth. 2008 Plant Physiol 147 1924-35 18567831
Nakazawa M Activation tagging, a novel tool to dissect the functions of a gene family. 2003 Plant J 34 741-50 12787254
Ichikawa T The FOX hunting system: an alternative gain-of-function gene hunting technique. 2006 Plant J 48 974-85 17227551
Kanno Y Identification of an abscisic acid transporter by functional screening using the receptor complex as a sensor. 2012 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109 9653-8 22645333
Bekh-Ochir D A novel mitochondrial DnaJ/Hsp40 family protein BIL2 promotes plant growth and resistance against environmental stress in brassinosteroid signaling. 2013 Planta 237 1509-25 23494613
Takase T ydk1-D, an auxin-responsive GH3 mutant that is involved in hypocotyl and root elongation. 2004 Plant J 37 471-83 14756757
Komatsu T The chloroplast protein BPG2 functions in brassinosteroid-mediated post-transcriptional accumulation of chloroplast rRNA. 2010 Plant J 61 409-22 19919572
Yamagami A Chemical genetics reveal the novel transmembrane protein BIL4, which mediates plant cell elongation in brassinosteroid signaling. 2009 Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 73 415-21 19202280
Yoshizumi T Increased level of polyploidy1, a conserved repressor of CYCLINA2 transcription, controls endoreduplication in Arabidopsis. 2006 Plant Cell 18 2452-68 17012601
Sato T CNI1/ATL31, a RING-type ubiquitin ligase that functions in the carbon/nitrogen response for growth phase transition in Arabidopsis seedlings. 2009 Plant J 60 852-64 19702666
Shimada S Formation and dissociation of the BSS1 protein complex regulates plant development via brassinosteroid signaling. 2015 Plant Cell 27 375-90 25663622
Nakazawa M DFL1, an auxin-responsive GH3 gene homologue, negatively regulates shoot cell elongation and lateral root formation, and positively regulates the light response of hypocotyl length. 2001 Plant J 25 213-21 11169197
Wada Y A new Leu253Arg mutation in the RP2 gene in a Japanese family with X-linked retinitis pigmentosa. 2000 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 41 290-3 10634633
Yamasaki S Cytoplasmic destruction of p53 by the endoplasmic reticulum-resident ubiquitin ligase 'Synoviolin'. 2007 EMBO J 26 113-22 17170702