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Name  Takase T

9 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Zhao L Overexpression of LSH1, a member of an uncharacterised gene family, causes enhanced light regulation of seedling development. 2004 Plant J 37 694-706 14871309
Takase T DFL2, a new member of the Arabidopsis GH3 gene family, is involved in red light-specific hypocotyl elongation. 2003 Plant Cell Physiol 44 1071-80 14581632
Takase T Overexpression of the chimeric gene of the floral regulator CONSTANS and the EAR motif repressor causes late flowering in Arabidopsis. 2007 Plant Cell Rep 26 815-21 17219103
Takase T LOV KELCH PROTEIN2 and ZEITLUPE repress Arabidopsis photoperiodic flowering under non-inductive conditions, dependent on FLAVIN-BINDING KELCH REPEAT F-BOX1. 2011 Plant J 67 608-21 21518052
Miyazaki Y Overexpression of LOV KELCH protein 2 confers dehydration tolerance and is associated with enhanced expression of dehydration-inducible genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2015 Plant Cell Rep 34 843-52 25627253
Takase T The circadian clock modulates water dynamics and aquaporin expression in Arabidopsis roots. 2011 Plant Cell Physiol 52 373-83 21186174
Takase T ydk1-D, an auxin-responsive GH3 mutant that is involved in hypocotyl and root elongation. 2004 Plant J 37 471-83 14756757
Miyazaki Y ZEITLUPE positively regulates hypocotyl elongation at warm temperature under light in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2015 Plant Signal Behav 10 e998540 26039487
Takase T Identification of the C-terminal tail domain of AHF/trichohyalin as the critical site for modulation of the keratin filamentous meshwork in the keratinocyte. 2012 J Dermatol Sci 65 141-8 22261007