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Name  Hao D

6 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Zhang X Jasmonate-activated MYC2 represses ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3 activity to antagonize ethylene-promoted apical hook formation in Arabidopsis. 2014 Plant Cell 26 1105-17 24668749
Zhao L Roles for a soybean RAV-like orthologue in shoot regeneration and photoperiodicity inferred from transgenic plants. 2012 J Exp Bot 63 3257-70 22389516
Hao D Determinants in the sequence specific binding of two plant transcription factors, CBF1 and NtERF2, to the DRE and GCC motifs. 2002 Biochemistry 41 4202-8 11914065
Wang S Molecular dynamics simulations reveal the disparity in specific recognition of GCC-box by AtERFs transcription factors super family in Arabidopsis. 2009 J Mol Recognit 22 474-9 19533627
Yang S Four divergent Arabidopsis ethylene-responsive element-binding factor domains bind to a target DNA motif with a universal CG step core recognition and different flanking bases preference. 2009 FEBS J 276 7177-86 19878300
Hao D Unique mode of GCC box recognition by the DNA-binding domain of ethylene-responsive element-binding factor (ERF domain) in plant. 1998 J Biol Chem 273 26857-61 9756931