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Author :

Name  Kawashima M

15 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Kurihara Y Identification of the candidate genes regulated by RNA-directed DNA methylation in Arabidopsis. 2008 Biochem Biophys Res Commun 376 553-7 18805399
Kurihara Y Transcriptome analyses revealed diverse expression changes in ago1 and hyl1 Arabidopsis mutants. 2009 Plant Cell Physiol 50 1715-20 19633021
Takahashi N shk1-D, a dwarf Arabidopsis mutant caused by activation of the CYP72C1 gene, has altered brassinosteroid levels. 2005 Plant J 42 13-22 15773850
Adachi S Programmed induction of endoreduplication by DNA double-strand breaks in Arabidopsis. 2011 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108 10004-9 21613568
Tsumoto Y Light-dependent polyploidy control by a CUE protein variant in Arabidopsis. 2006 Plant Mol Biol 61 817-28 16897495
Kurihara Y Genome-wide suppression of aberrant mRNA-like noncoding RNAs by NMD in Arabidopsis. 2009 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106 2453-8 19181858
Kondou Y RETARDED GROWTH OF EMBRYO1, a new basic helix-loop-helix protein, expresses in endosperm to control embryo growth. 2008 Plant Physiol 147 1924-35 18567831
Nakazawa M Activation tagging, a novel tool to dissect the functions of a gene family. 2003 Plant J 34 741-50 12787254
Ichikawa T The FOX hunting system: an alternative gain-of-function gene hunting technique. 2006 Plant J 48 974-85 17227551
Kim JM Alterations of lysine modifications on the histone H3 N-tail under drought stress conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2008 Plant Cell Physiol 49 1580-8 18779215
Kusano M Metabolomics reveals comprehensive reprogramming involving two independent metabolic responses of Arabidopsis to UV-B light. 2011 Plant J 67 354-69 21466600
Takase T ydk1-D, an auxin-responsive GH3 mutant that is involved in hypocotyl and root elongation. 2004 Plant J 37 471-83 14756757
Yoshizumi T Increased level of polyploidy1, a conserved repressor of CYCLINA2 transcription, controls endoreduplication in Arabidopsis. 2006 Plant Cell 18 2452-68 17012601
Kurihara Y Next-generation sequencing of genomic DNA fragments bound to a transcription factor in vitro reveals its regulatory potential. 2014 Genes (Basel) 5 1115-31 25534860
Kanehisa M Data, information, knowledge and principle: back to metabolism in KEGG. 2014 Nucleic Acids Res 42 D199-205 24214961