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Data Source :

Name  TAIR Description  The Arabidopsis Information Resource

8 Data Sets

Name Description Version
Genome Assembly TAIR9 Genome assembly (5 chromosomes plus chloroplast and mitochondrial assemblies) TAIR9
GO Annotation from InterPro    
PO Annotation from TAIR Literature-based annotations of genes to Plant Ontology (PO) terms 06/30/2015
TAIR Germplasm ABRC Germplasm/Seed Stock TAIR Germplasm, October 2013
TAIR Polymorphism TAIR Polymorphism TAIR Polymorphism, October 2013
TAIR Phenotypes TAIR Phenotypes TAIR Phenotypes, October 2013
TAIR Ecotypes TAIR Ecotypes TAIR Ecotypes, October 2013
Gene Summary TAIR-curated Arabidopsis gene symbol(s), curator summary and links between loci & publications 06/30/2015

1 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
Berardini TZ The Arabidopsis information resource: Making and mining the "gold standard" annotated reference plant genome. 2015 Genesis 53 474-85 26201819