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Gene : AGO1 A. thaliana

Gene ID  ? AT1G48410
Brief Description  Stabilizer of iron transporter SufD / Polynucleotidyl transferase  Source: Araport11 (06/2016).
Is Obsolete?  false
Computational Description  ? ARGONAUTE 1 (AGO1); FUNCTIONS IN: protein binding, endoribonuclease activity, siRNA binding, miRNA binding; INVOLVED IN: in 11 processes; LOCATED IN: cytosol, nucleus, cytoplasm; EXPRESSED IN: 25 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 13 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Domain of unknown function DUF1785 (InterPro:IPR014811), Stem cell self-renewal protein Piwi (InterPro:IPR003165), Argonaute/Dicer protein, PAZ (InterPro:IPR003100), Polynucleotidyl transferase, ribonuclease H fold (InterPro:IPR012337); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: Stabilizer of iron transporter SufD / Polynucleotidyl transferase (TAIR:AT5G43810.2).  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
Curator Summary  ? Encodes an RNA Slicer that selectively recruits microRNAs and siRNAs. There is currently no evidence that AGO1 Slicer is in a high molecular weight RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). Mutants are defective in post-transcriptional gene silencing and have pleiotropic developmental and morphological defects. Through its action on the regulation of ARF17 expression, the protein regulates genes involved at the cross talk between auxin and light signaling during adventitious root development. AGO1 seems to be targeted for degradation by silencing suppressor F-box-containing proteins from Turnip yellow virus and Cucurbit aphid-borne yellow virus.  Source: TAIR, Jun 30, 2015.
  • synonyms:
  • ICU9,
  • AtAGO1

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37 GeneRIFs (Gene References Into Functions)

Data Source: NCBI

Annotation PubMed Id
Thus, we suggest that ARF17 negatively regulates adventitious root formation in ago1 mutants by repressing GH3 genes and therefore perturbing auxin homeostasis in a light-dependent manner 15829601
AGO1 has a role in meristem formation and identity 15882589
Slicer activity fractionates as a complex of approximately 150 kDa that likely constitutes the ARGONAUTE1 protein and associated RNA without any other proteins [ARGONAUTE1] [AGO1] 16081530
AGO1 is required for repressing several class I KNOTTED1-like homeobox (KNOX) genes in leaves, and for specifying both adaxial and abaxial identities of the leaf and petal. 16786292
Data show that small interfering RNAs and larger RNA fragments corresponding miRNA target genes accumulate in wild-type plants but not in ago1, the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase mutants rdr2 and rdr6, or the Dicer-like mutants dcl1 and dcl3. 16798886
Genetic supprsesion blocks AGO1 cleavage activity to inhibit miRNA pathways, attenuate RNA silencing, and counter host defense 17158744
AGO1 and AGO7 function to ensure efficient clearance of viral RNAs and establish that AGO1 is capable of targeting viral RNAs with more compact structures, whereas AGO7 and RDR6 favor less structured RNA targets 18799732
miR173 functions in association with AGO1 during TAS1 and TAS2 tasiRNA formation, and data indicates that the miR173-AGO1 complex possesses unique functionality that many other miRNA-AGO1 complexes lack. 19066226
Loss of function of AGO1 perturbed the radial symmetry of Arabidopsis root ground tissue. 19188262
Data show that siRNA-mediated AGO1 silencing depends on correct miRNA targeting, pointing to coordinated regulatory actions of the miRNA and siRNA pathways during the maintenance of AGO1 homeostasis. 19343050
results suggest that 22-nt miR168 ensures basal cleavage of AGO1 mRNA whereas 21-nt miR168 permits an effective response to endogenous or environmental fluctuations owing to its preferential stabilization by AGO1 19649244
Analysis of ago1 mutants with partially compromised AGO1 activity revealed that loss of ZLL function re-establishes both siRNA and miRNA pathways for a subset of AGO1 target genes. 19763164
Stduies indicate that RNA silencing can be transmitted between cells through AGO1. 19822452
RNA interference of DCL1 and AGO1 led to dominant negative phenotypes and decreased accumulation of several small rna tested in the transgenic resynthesized allotetraploids. 20409179
The P38 GW residues bind directly and specifically to Arabidopsis AGO1, which, in addition to its role in endogenous microRNA-mediated silencing, is identified as a major effector of TCV-derived siRNAs 20439431
DNA-dependent RNA polymerase V-dependent smRNAs were 21 nt and bound to AGO1, suggesting the potential involvement of AGO1 in Pol V-related pathways. 21457371
AGO1 and AGO2 are involved in defense against mutant of Cucumber mosaic virus, which act downstream the biogenesis of viral secondary siRNAs in a nonredundant and cooperative manner. 21467580
ubiquitously expressed ARGONAUTE1 (AGO1) gene and its homolog AGO10, which exhibits highly restricted spatial expression patterns, are required to maintain the correct temporal program of floral stem cells 21483759
EMA1 modulates miRNA activity by influencing the loading of miRNAs into AGO1 complexes. 21984696
This study reveals that miR408, which has a 5'A, regulates its target Plantacyanin through either AGO1 or AGO2. 22174881
Transcriptional elevation of MIR168a is required for maintaining a stable AGO1 transcript level during the stress response. 22247272
provide evidence that AGO1 is a peripheral membrane protein. Moreover, specific hypomorphic mutant alleles of AGO1 display compromised membrane association and AGO1-membrane interaction is reduced upon knockdown of HMG1/MAD3 22247288
P0 protein is a silencing suppressor which inhibits local and systemic RNA silencing through AGO1 degradation. 22361475
The contrasted effects of viral RNA silencing suppressors on siRNA versus miRNA loading into Argonaute1 imply the existence of two distinct pools of cellular Argonaute1 that are specifically loaded by each class of RNAs. 22531783
AGO1, HYL1, and HEN1 function in proximal-distal and vascular patterning of leaves. 22623415
a selective process such as ubiquitylation can lead to the degradation of a key regulatory protein such as AGO1 by a degradation process generally believed to be unspecific 23019378
Complementation analyses in ago mutant plants revealed that the catalytic residues of AGO1, AGO2, and AGO7 are required to restore the defects of Arabidopsis ago1-25, ago2-1, and zip-1 (AGO7-defective) mutants, respectively. 23023169
Data indicates that AGO1-miR171a* complexes are common in Arabidopsis and that they trigger silencing of SU(VAR)3-9 HOMOLOG8. 23204429
Data indicate that the ago1 mutation in hen1 suppressed micriRNA 3' modifications. 23839787
AGO1 is required to restrict AGL16-mediated stomatal spacing divisions, an miRNA pathway in addition to ligand-receptor signaling modules. 24386951


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12 Flanking Regions

Flank size: from most upstream transcription start site, or most downstream transcription stop site

Region Name Flank Size Direction Length Gene Included? Chromosome Location
AT1G48410 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 7500   true Chr1: 17885633-17893132
AT1G48410 0.5kb upstream 0.5kb upstream 500   false Chr1: 17892633-17893132
AT1G48410 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 7500   true Chr1: 17885133-17892632
AT1G48410 0.5kb downstream 0.5kb downstream 500   false Chr1: 17885133-17885632
AT1G48410 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 8000   true Chr1: 17885633-17893632
AT1G48410 1.0kb upstream 1.0kb upstream 1000   false Chr1: 17892633-17893632
AT1G48410 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 8000   true Chr1: 17884633-17892632
AT1G48410 1.0kb downstream 1.0kb downstream 1000   false Chr1: 17884633-17885632
AT1G48410 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 10000   true Chr1: 17885633-17895632
AT1G48410 3.0kb upstream 3.0kb upstream 3000   false Chr1: 17892633-17895632
AT1G48410 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 10000   true Chr1: 17882633-17892632
AT1G48410 3.0kb downstream 3.0kb downstream 3000   false Chr1: 17882633-17885632


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11 Data Sets

Name Description Version
BAR Annotations Lookup Mapping(s) between AGI locus and Affy Probeset identifier 10/08/2013
Genome Annotation Araport11 protein-coding, non-coding and transposable element genes Araport11 (06/2016)
RNA-seq expression Measure of gene expression levels (Transcripts per Million, TPM) quantified by Salmon Araport11 (06/2016)
PubMed to gene mapping Curated associations between publications and NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
GO Annotation from UniProt GO annotations assigned by UniProt 8/01/2016
PO Annotation from TAIR Literature-based annotations of genes to Plant Ontology (PO) terms 06/30/2015
Swiss-Prot data set High-quality, manually annotated, non-redundant protein sequence database 2016_07
Panther data set PANTHER paralogs from Arabidopsis 11.0
GeneRIF Concise phrase describing gene function and publication associated with NCBI Gene records 8/12/2016
IntAct interactions data set Curated binary and complex protein-protein interactions for Arabidopsis thaliana 8/02/2016
BioGRID interaction data set Curated set of genetic and physical interactions for Arabidopsis thaliana 3.4.139