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Publication : Expression and parent-of-origin effects for FIS2, MEA, and FIE in the endosperm and embryo of developing Arabidopsis seeds.

First Author  Luo M Year  2000
Journal  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Volume  97
Pages  10637-42 PubMed ID  10962025
Issue  19

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8 Bio Entities

Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Length Molecular Weight
Gene AT2G35670 FIS2 VEFS-Box of polycomb protein false    
Gene AT1G02580 MEA SET domain-containing protein false    
Gene AT3G20740 FIE Transducin/WD40 repeat-like superfamily protein false    
Gene AT4G02020 SWN SET domain-containing protein false    
Protein MEDEA_ARATH       689   79310
Protein FIS2C_ARATH       755   85396
Protein FIE_ARATH       369   41257
Protein FIS2L_ARATH       813   91702

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