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Publication : The CYP88A cytochrome P450, ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase, catalyzes three steps of the gibberellin biosynthesis pathway.

First Author  Helliwell CA Year  2001
Journal  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Volume  98
Pages  2065-70 PubMed ID  11172076
Issue  4

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5 Bio Entities

Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Name Length Chromosome Location Molecular Weight
Gene AT2G32440 KAO2 ent-kaurenoic acid hydroxylase 2 false        
Gene AT1G05160 CYP88A3 cytochrome P450, family 88, subfamily A, polypeptide 3 false        
Protein KAO1_ARATH         490     56409
MRNA AT2G32440.1       ent-kaurenoic acid hydroxylase 2 1953   Chr2: 13774588-13778026  
Protein KAO2_ARATH         489     56750

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