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Publication : SEUSS and LEUNIG regulate cell proliferation, vascular development and organ polarity in Arabidopsis petals.

First Author  Franks RG Year  2006
Journal  Planta Volume  224
Pages  801-11 PubMed ID  16625397
Issue  4

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Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Length Molecular Weight
Gene AT2G45190 AFO Plant-specific transcription factor YABBY family protein false    
Gene AT1G43850 SEU SEUSS transcriptional co-regulator false    
Gene AT2G34710 PHB Homeobox-leucine zipper family protein / lipid-binding START domain-containing protein false    
Gene AT4G18960 AG K-box region and MADS-box transcription factor family protein false    
Gene AT4G32551 LUG transcriptional corepressor LEUNIG false    
Protein SEUSS_ARATH       877   96232

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