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Publication : Arabidopsis relatives of the human lysine-specific Demethylase1 repress the expression of FWA and FLOWERING LOCUS C and thus promote the floral transition.

First Author  Jiang D Year  2007
Journal  Plant Cell Volume  19
Pages  2975-87 PubMed ID  17921315
Issue  10

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Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Length Molecular Weight Name Short Name Type Description
Gene AT1G62830 LDL1 LSD1-like 1 false            
Gene AT4G25530 FWA FLOWERING WAGENINGEN false            
Gene AT3G10390 FLD protein FLOWERING locus D-like protein false            
Gene AT3G13682 LDL2 LSD1-like2 false            
Gene AT4G16310 LDL3 LSD1-like 3 false            
Gene AT5G10140 FLC K-box region and MADS-box transcription factor family protein false            
Protein LDL1_ARATH       844   93312        
Protein FLD_ARATH       789   86037        
Protein LDL2_ARATH       746   82350        
Protein LDL3_ARATH       1628   179403        
Protein FWA_ARATH       686   76253        
Protein FLC_ARATH       196   21865        
Protein LDL3_ARATH-2       1563            
ProteinDomain IPR031138           Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 homologue 1 LDL1 Family This entry represents plant homologues of human lysine-specific demethylase1 (LDL1), also known as SWP1 in Arabidopsis. SWP1 is a component of plant specific corepressor complex that controls flowering time and root elongation via histone deacetylation and methylation [, ]. It is involved in H3K4 methylation of target genes including the flowering time loci FLC and FWA [].

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