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Publication : FKF1 F-box protein mediates cyclic degradation of a repressor of CONSTANS in Arabidopsis.

First Author  Imaizumi T Year  2005
Journal  Science Volume  309
Pages  293-7 PubMed ID  16002617
Issue  5732

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14 Bio Entities

Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Length Molecular Weight
Gene AT5G62430 CDF1 cycling DOF factor 1 false    
Gene AT5G39660 CDF2 cycling DOF factor 2 false    
Gene AT5G15840 CO B-box type zinc finger protein with CCT domain-containing protein false    
Gene AT1G68050 FKF1 flavin-binding, kelch repeat, f box 1 false    
Gene AT2G18915 LKP2 LOV KELCH protein 2 false    
Gene AT3G47500 CDF3 cycling DOF factor 3 false    
Gene AT5G15850 COL1 CONSTANS-like 1 false    
Protein ADO3_ARATH       619   69063
Protein ADO2_ARATH       611   66351
Protein CDF3_ARATH       448   49730
Protein CDF2_ARATH       457   49808
Protein CDF1_ARATH       298   33639
Protein ADO2_ARATH-2       601    
Protein CDF1_ARATH-2       237    

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