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Publication : In vivo quantitative relationship between plastid division proteins FtsZ1 and FtsZ2 and identification of ARC6 and ARC3 in a native FtsZ complex.

First Author  McAndrew RS Year  2008
Journal  Biochem J Volume  412
Pages  367-78 PubMed ID  18284374
Issue  2

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11 Bio Entities

Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Length Molecular Weight Display Name Description ABRC Comments Germplasm Name Stock Name Germplasm Accession Primary Identifier/Germplasm Name Name Stock Accession Primary Accession Phenotype Publications
Gene AT5G42480 ARC6 Chaperone DnaJ-domain superfamily protein false                          
Gene AT3G52750 FTSZ2-2 Tubulin/FtsZ family protein false                          
Gene AT5G55280 FTSZ1-1 homolog of bacterial cytokinesis Z-ring protein FTSZ 1-1 false                          
Gene AT1G75010 ARC3 GTP binding protein false                          
Gene AT2G36250 FTSZ2-1 Tubulin/FtsZ family protein false                          
Protein ARC3_ARATH       741   82583                      
Protein FTZ21_ARATH       478   50722                      
Protein FTZ22_ARATH       473   50317                      
Protein ARC6_ARATH       801   88260                      
Protein FTSZ1_ARATH       433   45565                      
Stock             Germplasm / Stock: CS16465 Confirmed line isolated from original SALK line; homozygous for the insertion; plants were phenotyped by light microscopy to look for chloroplast morphology; plants were genotyped using gene specific primers to identify T-DNA insertion; seeds were collected from individual plants and planted again to check progeny for homozygous insertion.   CS16465 CS16465 Germplasm:6530292811 CS16465 CS16465 4501957646 6530292811

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