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Publication : Cloning of the Arabidopsis and rice formaldehyde dehydrogenase genes: implications for the origin of plant ADH enzymes.

First Author  Dolferus R Year  1997
Journal  Genetics Volume  146
Pages  1131-41 PubMed ID  9215914
Issue  3

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5 Bio Entities

Class Gene ID Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete? Name Length Chromosome Location Molecular Weight
Gene AT5G14780 FDH formate dehydrogenase false        
Gene AT1G77120 ADH1 alcohol dehydrogenase 1 false        
Gene AT5G43940 HOT5 GroES-like zinc-binding dehydrogenase family protein false        
MRNA AT5G43940.1       sensitive to hot temperatures 5 1364   Chr5: 17684190-17686528  
Protein ADHX_ARATH         379     40699

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