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Publication : Independent origins of self-compatibility in Arabidopsis thaliana.

First Author  Shimizu KK Year  2008
Journal  Mol Ecol Volume  17
Pages  704-14 PubMed ID  18179433
Issue  2

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5 Bio Entities

Class DB identifier Length Molecular Weight Symbol Brief Description Is Obsolete?
Pseudogene AT4G21370     PSEUDOSRKA pseudogene of receptor kinase 3 false
TransposableElementGene AT4G21360     AT4G21360 transposable_element_gene false
TransposableElementGene AT4G08108     AT4G08108 transposable_element_gene false
Protein SRK_ARATH 853   96764      
Protein A7Y5V4_ARATH 92   10609      

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